The business model for the switches is based on a joining fee, monthly service fees and then the main and lucrative draw card for any switching business is its transaction fee.

In the case of EFT Corp, their business model is based on software (Postilion) licensing and maintenance, reselling Hypercom POS devices, Futurex HSMs, Stratus ftServers or any other third party product needed to provide a switching / EFT solution to the client. EFT Corp also have their own developed products that they on sell. Providing / delivering these solutions is always project based, so the business model will also include service fees for project management, technical consultation and support, implementation costs, customised development, training, etc.

With reference to the above overview and model, it can be stated with the correct and proper investment and by taking this business to the next level; the business will ensure any potential investor an excellent return on investment. Over and above LXS being a successful business, with excellent growth potential, a major draw card for any potential investor, is the switching model with recurring revenue based on transaction fees. The business is focused on growing with the main aim of increasing the transaction volumes and proving this service to a target market and countries in Africa where major growth and market potential has been identified and where opportunities need to be pursued to ensure this growth and finally to ensure the best return on investment to owners and potential investors.

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