Asset Management and Correspondent Banking

Loita has historically been a leader in innovative asset management. Loita Asset Management in Kenya is a leading provider of investment management, distribution, and research services to multinational corporations, financial institutions, multilateral agencies, and private corporations. Loita Asset Management also seeks to develop appropriate instruments in conjunction with large institutional clients such as insurance companies and pension funds.

Loita capitalises on its experience with large financial institutions and companies to provide correspondent banking services. Loita has a strategic alliance with Lloyds TSB Bank ('Lloyds") a AAA rated UK banking institution, in the areas of correspondent banking and structured finance transactions in Africa. In its relationship with Lloyds, which controls some GBP 170 billion in assets, Loita manages clients of services such as account management, LC confirmations, foreign exchange dealings, banknotes and specialised structured finance facilities.

Previously, Loita has acted as the Africa-wide representative for Republic National Bank of New York, now HSBC Bank USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holding plc and one of the largest financial services companies in the world.

What we do
Loita provides value-added services to its clients through the following:

  • Asset management: provide investment services to large institutional investors; place debt in the primary and secondary markets.
  • Research: provide exclusive market information and reports on various markets; offer analysis of economic trends which impact our clients.
  • Securitisation: develop investment products which enable creditworthy issuers to generate liquidity; market instruments which add to our clients’ customer base.
  • Correspondent banking: initiate institutional relationships between African financial institutions and correspondent banks overseas; market banking products to clients and provide local support in their implementation; structure memorandum of deposit facilities within correspondent relationships.


Exemplary Transactions
Kenya - International Finance Corporation
Kenya - The Acacia Fund
Sub Saharan Africa Region - East African Development Bank
Sub Saharan Africa Region - Republic National Bank of New York/HSBC BANK USA
Zimbabwe - Prime Bank of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe - Time Bank of Zimbabwe 

To find out more about Loita Asset Management, contact Mr Tladi Ramushu Vice President of South Africa LCPSA Office, at

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