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The Eric Edward Roy Fund (EERF) for Education in Africa has been established by his family and business partners at Loita Holdings Corporation Africa. The purpose of the fund is to advance the ideals and visions Eric held for the development of African communities through support for improvements and advances in the early education of African Youth.


Eric's odyssey to world citizenship began in the early 1960s. Born in Berkeley, California, on November 14, 1961, he moved to Ankara, Turkey, in 1964. For the next 13 years, Eric traveled extensively, residing in Uruguay, Canada, Lebanon and Egypt.

This world experience served to influence Eric's values and his commitment to not only be a good U.S. citizen, but a good global citizen. After completing his degree at Occidental College (Los Angeles, California) in 1983, he joined the Peace Corps, serving in Morocco.

Returning to the U.S. in 1986, he entered Johns Hopkins University, School for Advanced International Studies, graduating in 1988. He joined Citibank and in 1989 was posted to Nairobi, Kenya.

In 1992, Eric and several of his Citibank colleagues founded their own banking and financial service company, Loita Capital Partners International Limited, and a sister Information Technology firm, Fintech International. Loita Capital Partners seeks to serve the largely under-served African Business community's needs for competitive financing and financial advisory services. With regional offices in South Africa and Kenya, today Loita is recognized as an African firm dedicated to Africa's financial sector, drawing upon African talent and entrepreneurship.

Eric loved Africa and was deeply committed to helping communities create an environment where future generations could grow and prosper.

The Eric Edward Roy Fund was created on April 1, 2000 in Eric's memory - to serve young Africans and their bright future.




The Eric Edward Roy Fund for Education in Africa supports primary and secondary education in Africa through targeted grants to schools and students.
Its objectives is to :

  • Achieve equitable education on a regional and gender basis;
  • Encourage students to complete their studies at least to a secondary level; and
  • Challenge the private sector to support investments in education.


The activities of the EERF include:

  • The funding of basic educational materials such as school supplies, desks and teaching aids;
  • The funding of special facilities such as laboratories, computer centers and small libraries; and
  • Need and merit-based scholarships for selected primary and secondary students.

Malawi was initially targetted, however, as the fund has grown, so too has the breadth of its activities.  The EERF's activities have been extended to other countries of eastern and southern Africa and Ghana, reflecting those countries to which Eric was most dedicated, as financial resources have increased.


Orphan Support Africa (OSA) has received a $2.2 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  This grant was for a period of three years to fully develop the capacity of 20 community-based organizations (CBOs) in Malawian villages to accommodate care for AIDS orphans.  The EERF previously provided funding for the early identification and support of 3 CBOs.  The receipt of this grant is attributal in part to the actions of the EERF and Loita Bank, Malawi supporting the Malawi Children's Village and more recently, the support the EERF has given to OSA in supporting 3 village projects. More...


The Eric Edward Roy Fund for Education in Africa, Inc. (EERF) announced its second grant for education support in Malawi. The Board approved a $2,500 grant for the Malawi Children's Village (MCV), a New York-based not for profit started by former Peace Corps volunteers and Dr. Chakunja Sibale, a Malawian doctor, in 1996. The grant supported students, AIDS orphans, attending secondary schools, and cover the costs of books and school supplies for both secondary and primary school attendees. More...


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